Accelerating Renewable Energy Consumption in Africa



Komani Energy Fund invests in projects with significant environmental impact in Africa. We know the importance of engineering a long-lasting and sustainable renewable energy transition program for Africa towards self-sufficiency.

Sustainable and Clean Energy Funding: A Must!

While Southern part of Africa is still lagging behind, with just a little over 4,000 MW capacity.

North Africa is the current leader on the continent in terms of renewable energy capacity.

In 2020, 9% of all energy generated in Africa came from renewable sources, reports Statista.

When all under-construction projects are completed, Central Africa's capacity will double.

Africa’s energy efficiency and renewable energy should be the main thrusts and pillars of the energy transition phases we should work towards. The quickest way to accelerate renewable energy consumption as demand increases are to look at a few energy sources- Solar, wind turbines, biofuels etc.

Although costs for new solar PV and wind installations have increased, reversing a decade-long cost reduction trend, natural gas, oil and coal prices have risen much faster, therefore actually further improving the competitiveness of renewable electricity. 

However, how rapidly renewables can substitute fossil fuels hinges on several uncertainties and will depend on many factors.

Will renewable electricity sources defy this global energy crisis and continue to expand quickly despite emerging political and macroeconomic challenges? At the same time, growth in biofuel demand faces significant headwinds from both lower transport demand growth and high biofuel prices. Will demand growth resume at historical rates?

BPA Komani is a leader in Clean Energy service provisioning in Africa.  Our businesses are operated seamlessly on an owner-operator model. Through our Komani Energy Fund, we significantly allocate funds alongside our investors to projects that make a significant environmental impact in Africa.

Our teams of experts are well capable of deploying the skills necessary to manage our operations. The main thrust of our activities is to engineer a long-lasting and sustainable renewable energy transition program for Africa towards self-sufficiency.

Paul Andrew

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Our emphasis on fostering collaboration enables us to benefit from a diverse set of skills and experiences. Our talent management processes and our approach to long-term compensation encourage collaboration—not just across our global asset management business, but also with and among our portfolio companies. This is demonstrated in several ways, including in the sharing of expertise and best practices.

Energy Cooperation

We work with various partners and stakeholders in the energy value chains and this has impacted positively our value delivery, sustainable development and peace of mind with our host communities: Our deployment teams are from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and have over 250 years of combined experience. We have invested significant capital alongside our shareholders to impact positively on our service.