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Our Methodology


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We leverage data analytics to gain insights into operational performance, customer behavior, and market trends within our ecosystem. Our approach to operational methodology helps to simplify and enhance clean energy business’s efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, contributing to client’s overall success in the industry. We apply lean principles to minimize waste, optimize processes, and enhance operational efficiency. This approach help reduce costs and improve overall productivity in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processe


Operational methodologies in the clean energy sector are essential for efficient and effective project execution, maintenance, and overall business success. Here are some methodologies commonly applied in operational aspects of clean energy businesses:

Total Quality Management (TQM):

Implementation of TQM principles to ensure that products and services consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Continuous improvement and quality control are central to maintaining high standards.

Predictive Maintenance:

Employing predictive maintenance strategies by leveraging data and sensors to monitor equipment health. This allows for schedule maintenance before failures occur, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

Energy Management Systems (EMS):

We Implement EMS to monitor, control, and optimize energy consumption within your operations. This can lead to reduced energy costs and improved overall energy efficiency.

Supply Chain Management:

Adopting efficient supply chain management practices to ensure timely availability of components, reduce inventory costs, and mitigate disruptions.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

We also utilize remote monitoring and control technologies to manage and optimize energy production and consumption in distributed systems, such as solar farms or wind parks.

Asset Performance Management:

Implementation of systems to monitor and analyze the performance of renewable energy assets. This helps identify underperforming components and optimize asset lifespan.

Sustainability Reporting:

Our methodologies for measuring, reporting, helps educe the environmental impact of critical operations. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

Health and Safety Protocols:

We have established comprehensive health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of your employees and contractors working in potentially hazardous environments, such as construction sites or energy facilities.

Sectors specific areas includes Energy infrastructure and Clean Technology deals. Overall goal and strategy is to invest within our sector specific orientation. We are keenly interested and investing in Renewable Energy.

Main countries will include Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Uganda. As our business approach to investment, we do consider other countries within our investment plane to invest in those countries of choice.

Investments can range from $1m to $25m depending on the AUM and opportunities available. The model for our private equity investment is to invest within the parameters of investment scope.

Deal Flow Analysis

We focus on investment growth (not excluding buyouts, seed or restructuring investments).

We prioritize management teams with proven track records of doing business.

We work with other investors to share the risk of specific investments.

Where possible, ensure synergies across our investment portfolio.